April 11th 1890: ‘Elephant Man’ dies

On this day in 1890 Joseph Merrick, otherwise known as the ‘Elephant Man’, died in London. Merrick was an English man with severe deformities and was exhibited as an ‘Elephant Man’ which made him very well known. He eventually ended touring Europe and remained in a London Hospital for the rest of his life. Merrick died aged 27 from asphyxiation, supposedly because he decided to sleep lying down (the weight of his head meant he had to sleep sitting up) in order to be like other people. His story became well known after the 1980 film about his life starring John Hurt as Merrick and Anthony Hopkins as his friend Frederick Treves.

just ordered the head-wear samples for the coming release(s). everything is coming together and I’m really excited to get it all out in the coming months. watch this space for the latest updates !


April 1st 1957: ‘Spaghetti tree hoax’

On this day in 1957 for April Fools’ Day, the BBC current affairs programme Panorama broadcast a story about spaghetti trees. The piece told of a Swiss family who harvested spaghetti from a tree, and it was widely believed as spaghetti was not well known in Britain at the time. Many also considered it credible as the voice-over was done by the respected broadcaster Richard Dimbleby. Hundreds of people wrote to the BBC to ask how to grow their own spaghetti tree to which the BBC replied: “place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best”.

(watch the broadcast here)


March 27th 1625: Charles I becomes King

On this day in 1625, Charles I became King of England, Scotland and Ireland. He succeeded to the throne upon the death of his father King James I. Charles and his father believed in the divine right of kings to absolute rule. This caused Charles’s struggle for power with Parliament and resentment among his subjects for his seemingly tyrannical actions like taxing without the consent of Parliament and interfering with churches. The English Civil War broke out in the last years of his reign, which pitted the crown against Parliament. Charles was captured by the Parliamentarians and executed for high treason in 1649. The monarchy was then abolished but returned in 1660 with Charles’s son in power.

~ Ancestry x Rhythm Poetic - Interview

Here’s a quick interview I did with Rhythm Poetic about the brand’s origins, inspiration and future. Give it a read !